Name: Shiba
Price: 50.00 USD


  • All Koi, Tanuki, and Kitsune commands
  • /dis
    • /dis Blaze
    • /dis Creeper
    • /dis Dolphin
    • /dis Drowned
    • /dis Enderman
    • /dis Endermite
    • /dis Fox
    • /dis Guardian
    • /dis Husk
    • /dis Panda
    • /dis Phantom
    • /dis Pig_Zombie
    • /dis Polar_Bear
    • /dis Ravager
    • /dis Skeleton_Horse
    • /dis Stray
    • /dis Trader_Llama
    • /dis Turtle
    • /dis Vex
    • /dis Vindicator
    • /dis Wandering_Trader
    • /dis Wither_Skeleton
    • /dis Zombie
    • /dis Zombie_Horse
    • /dis Zombie_Villager 



  • A private creative-mode world that you can edit and invite others to. Contact staff to create.
  • Free pet of any mob. Contact staff to choose.
  • Have us add two custom items designed by you within reason. Contact staff to create.
  • Have us add one custom unique item designed by you within reason. It can include an ability/magic! Contact staff to create.

...and more on reasonable request.